Focus Areas

Our engagements are aimed at achieving positive changes through educational, health-care, life-style and economic programs


One of Porshee's major thrust and activities has been to establish informal schools for street and slum children who come from challenging background.


We organize the distribution of sacrificial animals of Muslim Qurbani and its meat to poor communities. Also in our informal schools we provide foods to the beneficiaries.

Digital Gap

Porshee takes great interest in bridging the digital gap and towards that goal actively provides ICT training to volunteers and donate ICT infrastructure.


We provide nano-scale interest free loans (karze hasana) to poor people towards any sustainable earning mechanism / small business.


In order to improve the socio-economic conditions, Porshee provide various types of training including tailoring, computer skills and other life-skill trainings.

Zakat Distribution

We facilitate the distribution of Zakat money to the poor and the needy. We ensure that 100% of the Zakat money is spent towards those who are eligible for Zakat from religious perspective.

Meet the Team

Faces behind Porshee Foundation

Sadiq M. Alam


Nabila Farhin Jahan

Vice President

Dr. Sadia Sharmin

Where does Porshee Works?
Porshee works in Bangladesh, South Asia.
What does the"Porshee" means?
Porshee is a Bangla word which means Neighbour. We chose Porshee as our name because we want to care for those who are near us, we wish to act locally and help those who are in our immediate vicinity.
Does Porshee accepts Zakat money?
Yes Porshee accepts zakat money and your charity. We ensure that the money is given to the appropriate beneficiaries who deserves it the most.
Interested to Volunteer in Porshee, is it possible?
Yes absolutely. We always welcome volunteers and you have many ways to help Porshee. You can come and help in one of the projects, you can raise funds from where you are or just contact us for more opportunities. Drop us an email at contact (at) or call us at +880 01711056474
How long Porshee is working in the field?
Porshee has been working since 2010.
What is Porshee's legal status?
Porshee Foundation is in the process of registering as a non-profit organization or a not for profit company. We have been working mostly informally and attempting to register ourselves with the authorities in Bangladesh. We did not wait for all the paper works but wanted to work from our heart.
Where does Porshee get its funding from?
Mostly through private donation from friends and well-wishers and our own contributions.